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Why Would You Hire an Editor?

Global Issues

You need someone who can delve into your content and point out global issues of plot arc, character development, and clarity.

Objective Viewpoint

All writers have a blind spot for their own words. No matter how strong your prose, it can be improved by an objective editor.

Writing Skills

You know that it will take more than fixing errant punctuation to make that story shine, and you’re ready to receive professional editorial advice.

How Do You Know if Alida’s the Right Editor for You?

There are several things to consider before hiring a professional. Besides budget, credentials, and references, you need to make sure you and the person you work with are a good fit. This is a working relationship, and if you’ve ever worked or had a relationship, you know that personality matters.

In other words, you have to like her.

That’s why Alida’s work begins with a conversation, either in person or over Skype, so she can get to know you a little before a contract is even written.

Writing Coach and Developmental Editor

Story is a lifelong passion of mine. Throughout my life, no matter what else I’m doing, I’m writing, reading, studying, and consuming story.

Writing Coach

I will help you become a better writer.

Fiction Editor

I will help you write a better story.

Nonfiction Editor

I understand the demands of nonfiction.

Video Testimonial

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