Fiction Editing

Fiction editing requires writing experience and a deep knowledge of craft.

Common Issues in Fiction

Fiction is a unique type of writing that presents certain problems not found in nonfiction.



What’s in the head is not on the page

Narrative Exposition

Character Development

Point of View


"Show, Don't Tell"



What could you get out of a sample edit?

Check out the sample edit I did with Nancy Elliott of the Author Strong Podcast.

How a Developmental Fiction Editor Can Help You

I will help you write a better story.

As the word implies, I will help you develop your story and your craft as a writer. I don’t simply tell you what’s wrong with your manuscript, I explain why I feel that way, which ranges from the subjective “reader reaction” to the objective “matters of craft.” I also offer suggestions to improve the story and provide examples of how you might do things differently.

No matter what kind of editing package you get, a large part of what I do is teaching. Every package comes with a consultation over Skype, which means after you have a chance to go over my written feedback, you get to ask questions, use me as a sounding board, and discuss the direction of your work.

I work with writers of all genres on stand-alone novels, series, and serials. Children’s, Contemporary, Detective, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Mystery, Post-apocalyptic, Romance, Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Thriller, Western, Young Adult, and combination genres.

Fiction Author Testimonials

Alida opened my eyes to problems with my book I wasn’t in a position to see, then led me, with encouragement and an experienced hand, through the revision process that took my novel to a level of quality I was proud to publish. I relied on her expertise for my first book and look forward to working with her again!

Matt (MG) Herron

Author, The Auriga Project

Ultimately, a developmental editor is a highly skilled, objective, extra set of eyes.

The best editor for you will be someone you can have a professional relationship with, who is honest, and has an understanding of both writing craft and English usage.

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