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As a nonfiction editor, Alida focuses on structure as much as style.

Common Issues in Nonfiction

Nonfiction and fiction have more in common than you might think, but certain issues stand out in nonfiction.





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How a Nonfiction Developmental Editor Can Help You

I understand the demands of nonfiction.

Narrative nonfiction, like memoir or history, has much in common with storytelling, though the role of the author as an authority on the subject of the book is paramount. Instructional nonfiction, like a how-to book, requires special attention be paid to structure and organization. The author often writes in a friendly, first-person voice, directly addressing the reader. Whether your book is narrative or instructional, I’ll help you find your voice, engage your audience, and make certain your text is clear and easy to follow.

As the author, you bring your expertise in the topic to our sessions. I bring my expertise in communication, writing style, organization, and other topics I’ve taught in the college classroom, like ethos, pathos, logos, persuasive writing, and textual analysis. I’ll help you craft a book that you’ll be proud to put in readers’ hands.

I work with writers of both instructional and narrative nonfiction. How-to Guides, Self-Help, History, and Memoir.

Nonfiction Author Testimonials

Working with Alida on my first book, Audiobooks for Indies, has been a fantastic experience. Not only has she helped me transform the book into a far better work, but her detailed explanations are transforming me into a better writer, all the while boosting my confidence. Alida has gone above and beyond, and has displayed immense patience with a beginner’s manuscript! Thank you, Alida.

Simon Whistler

Host, Rocking Self Publishing

Ultimately, a developmental editor is a highly skilled, objective, extra set of eyes.

The best editor for you will be someone you can have a professional relationship with, who is honest, and has an understanding of both writing craft and English usage.

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