About Alida

Alida’s biography, experience, and credentials as a writing coach and developmental editor.

I’m a Writer

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to do what I do. It takes a tremendous commitment to turn an idea into a novel. And an even greater commitment to work with somebody like me to improve your craft. I’m honored to help writers bring their stories into the world.

I’m a writer, so I know how difficult it is to write a book. It’s a big commitment, and I have great respect for anyone who can take a story idea and devote the time, patience, and willpower to getting 70 to 100,000 words on the page. Finishing a first draft is cause to celebrate!

I’m a Teacher, Mentor, and Consultant

After that first draft is on the page, the real work begins, and plenty of writers give up. Those who come to me have demonstrated their commitment to learning craft, growing as a writer, and turning their creative project into a marketable product that readers will want to buy.

As such, I consider my role two-fold. I am a teacher and mentor of creative writing. I am also a brutally honest product consultant. A well-crafted story is a piece of art. But if you want to sell enough copies to recoup your expenses or allow you to quit your day job, you need to acknowledge that you’re in business. No matter how well marketed or packaged, if you don’t like a product, you won’t buy more–and neither will your readers.

Why Work with Me?

  • I’m an experienced writer, editor, and coach.
  • I have a Master of Fine Arts from Hamline University.
  • I have a Master of Liberal Studies from the University of Minnesota.
  • I have taught at Hamline University, the University of Minnesota, and the Hennepin County Libraries Community Education.
  • I am a mentor with the Minnesota Prison Writing Workshop.

How can Alida help you?

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