SWRT 007 | Arcless Protagonists

Is it even possible to have an arcless protagonist? What is an arcless protagonist? After diving into some famous and beloved arcless protagonists, we dive into how to make it work. How can you use your secondary characters to create emotional resonance? And how can you keep that emotional buy in through a series? Do you need the same supporting characters around your arcless protagonist? And what are some of the drawbacks to using one? Just remember: an arcless protagonist is the exception, not the rule!

SWRT 006 | Genre Series: Science Fiction with Chris Fox

How did Chris Fox start writing science fiction? And how can you write a science fiction book with limited research? What is classic science fiction about anyway, and how does it compare with today? If you want to write science fiction, what are some technological and science based tropes you should be aware of? And how should you approach alien characters? Don’t make your readers work too hard! And how can you make tropes work for you?

SWRT 005: Soggy Middle Problem

Alida, Kathryn, and Robert discuss the soggy middle problem and what to do about it. Keep your action interesting and stakes and tension rising throughout the entire story. VIDEO AUDIO SHOW NOTES   What is a soggy middle? And what kind of writers tend to have...

SWRT 004 | Genre Series: Mystery, Characters

What is a cozy mystery? And how do you develop the right cast of characters to fit inside of one? What skills to they need? And who do they need around them? We discuss genre conventions for mysteries in general, and cozy mysteries specifically. Don’t forget your law enforcement, or your red herrings!

Flash Tip: Info Dumps

  This week Alida talks about the Dread Info Dump. Alida will be taking a few weeks away from the video writing tips to focus on getting the Story Works Guide to Writing Point of View into your hands. In the meantime, listen to the Story Works Round Table Podcast...

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