SWRT 015 | Fantasy Adventure with Alina Sayre

What makes a fantasy a fantasy? Can you combine fantasy with other genres? What are the main things that go into a fantasy novel? And what are reader expectations of your world and characters? And what are some pitfalls you need to avoid as a fantasy writer?

SWRT 014 | Foreshadowing Redux with Mike Stop Continues

Since our last conversation about foreshadowing created more questions than answers we decided to try again! Here we lay down a solid definition of foreshadowing and talk about why you want to do it, and how to do it well. What elements in your story can foreshadowing be used in? Does it require hindsight? And are you opening loops? Or providing answers to questions the reader hasn’t even thought to ask?

SWRT 013 | Plotting Science Fiction with Chris Fox

How important is the science in science fiction? What are some conventions of science fiction? And when should you break them? How can you use names to bridge the familiar and unfamiliar? And are there any genres you can’t mash in with science fiction?

SWRT 012 | Foreshadowing

As a writer, do you consciously try for foreshadowing, or is it a miraculous surprise? What feeling should foreshadowing give the reader? And what are the differences between foreshadowing, laying clues, or layering plot elements? What truly is the nuance of this portion of the craft, and is it okay that all of us have different definitions?

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