SWRT 098 | Capturing Your Character’s Shadow Side

What is the shadow side? And how should we use it in our stories? How do we develop a shadow side? And how does it humanize our characters? Remember that you must get into your characters head, show their motivations, and make a change throughout your story! So use that shadow side to help you craft a character readers want to live vicariously through.

SWRT 097 | Writing with Humor

How do we encounter humor in fiction? Does it inspire or frustrate us as writers? How do you craft humor? What kinds of humor are there? And isn’t humor more of an audible medium? How do you learn to write humor? We dive into the benefits of studying improv, and offer some resources to learn more!

SWRT 096 | Should Your Story Be Told in Parts?

How are parts used in novel structure? How do parts function? And when do you want to use them? We discuss how different genre’s use parts and how to ensure you don’t use them in the wrong ways!

SWRT 095 | Subplots

What exactly is a subplot? When do you need them? Who should they revolve around? And can they really alleviate the soggy middle syndrome? And please don’t forget your characters have lives too! Don’t make them live entirely in the main plot line.

SWRT 094 | Multiple Points of View: Pros, Cons with Carlee Tressel Alson

What do we think about multiple points of view? And when should you cut them? What does a point of view character need to have? And when should you add another? We talk about the difference between dual, multiple, and ensemble casts and how it should affect your point of view character choices.

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