SWRT 45 | Lit RPG Fiction with Micah Joel

What is LitRPG anyway? Where does all the confusion come from? And how important are those game mechanics? What are some of the genre conventions within LitRPG? And how do you interweave a story in with such a rigid set of game rules? What kind of stories can be a vehicle for LitRPG?

SWRT 044 | World Building in Dystopian & Post Apocalyptic Fiction

How should you approach world-building in dystopian or post-apocalyptic fiction? What do you do when your science doesn’t hold up? And what do your readers expect? How should you display your world-building on the page? And where are all those balance points?

SWRT 043 | Balancing Character & World Building

Does world building or character development paralyze your first drafts? How should you address this in pre-writing? How do you identify whether or not something is integral to your story? When it is, how do you make sure you get it right? And how should you approach research?

SWRT 042 | Dystopian & Post Apocalyptic Fiction with J Thorn

How do you define Horror, Post-Apocalyptic and Dystopian fiction? What are the differences in genre conventions? How does it prey on the fears of our society? What are the differences between a good and a great book in these genres? And how and where should you innovate?

SWRT 041 | Climaxes

What is the difference between an inciting incident and a climax? And can you stack large climaxes throughout your story? How do you know what a climactic moment is? Readers expect variety! Climactic moments should be as varies as the characters, subplots and plot points of your story.

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