SWRT 089 | Setting: Story Places Based on Real Places

What are the advantages and pitfalls of using real places and names in your writing? What should you fictionalize, and what can you leave the same? It all comes down to genre expectations, how close to reality you want to be, and not pulling your readers out of your story!

SWRT 087 | 2019 New Year New Goals

This week, Alida, Kathryn, and Robert discuss the year to come. If you haven’t already, listen to last week’s show, 2018 Year in Review. We get into not only where we’d like to be heading, but will keep us motivated with lots of tips, tricks, and...

SWRT 086 | 2018 Year in Review

What did we learn from 2018? Did we meet our goals? And do we struggle to see ourselves as writers? Alida gives us a challenge for 2019, and we hope you will join in too!

SWRT 085 | Antagonistic Forces

If your story doesn’t have a bad guy, what do you have? How can you use stories about nature or society to craft a non-personified antagonist? Do you have to have characters involved? And are these external, or internal forces? What effect does this have on your story? And how can you keep a reader interested?

SWRT 084 | Taking Emotional Risks in Your Fiction

Why is it important to take emotional risks in your writing? And why is it easier for some writers and not for others? When should you take the risks? And how does it change from fiction to creative non-fiction? Letting your mess onto the page can turn a good story into a great story, and it all starts with what you are passionate about.

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