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This is a limited time offer.

Just for listeners of the Story Works Round Table podcast, save $250 on 2 hours of coaching, complete with a critique of your entire plot arc and comprehensive developmental edit of 10,000 words (about 40 standard manuscript pages) of your book.

Use the Buy Now button on this page. Choose from 2 easy payment options. Once you sign up for The Royal! coaching package, you’ll receive an email from me within 24 hours with the storyboarding instructions. This begins our work together. Read the instructions, say hello, and let me know if you have any questions. It’s that simple!

2 Budget-Friendly Options

Alida took a manuscript that had been mired in years of conflicting revisions, and cut through all of it with astounding clarity. With her help, not only was I able to make the manuscript the best it could be, but I was able to do so with ease. Alida’s smart, great to work with, and has the best sense of story of any editor I’ve ever met. I consider Alida an essential part of my team.

Mike Stop Continues

Author, Underworld

Alida is a fantastic developmental editor. She took my extremely rough draft and not only pointed out the problems it had, but also taught me how to solve the problems. I’ve learnt so much from her, and thanks to that, I gained the courage to publish my first novella, which is a dark fantasy, The Nutcracker King. Not only that, but I’m using what she taught me to avoid the same problems in the sequel!

Eustacia Tan

Author, The Nutracker King

Here’s what you get with The Royal:


A storyboard critique.

Don’t worry, I’ll give you instructions and answer questions along the way. Preparing your storyboard could take you a week or two. If you’re really ambitious, a few days can get it done.

You send me your storyboard, and I go through it, making thorough comments about the overall plot and character arcs.


One hour of coaching over Skype to discuss the shape of your novel.

When we finish the storyboard process, you’re going to have a solid grasp of your plot arc. Your character arc, too, because while a storyboard focuses on plot, what is a plot but the movements of your protagonist through the events of your story? With that, you’ll have a road map to the next draft of your novel.

Next, you’re going to spend a week or two, maybe three or even four, revising just 10,000 words of your novel. How long this takes depends on you and your schedule; I’m flexible. You get to pick which 10,000 words. And yes, you can email questions while you work on this revision. I’m here to help you succeed.


A comprehensive developmental edit of your 10,000 words (that’s about 40 pages).

You’ll get inline comments throughout the manuscript, plus global concerns in what I call “the letter.”


But wait, how can 10,000 words, or 40 pages, be enough?

If you want me to work with you on more pages–50, 100, the whole thing–that’s fine. We can arrange it. For this introductory package, I’m offering to edit 10,000 words. I’ll have gone through your storyboard, so I’ll know the entire novel’s plot and character arcs. I will also have met with you to discuss your story, any questions that come up, and I’ll know the direction you want to move in, so I won’t be reading your pages in a vacuum.

Also, our weaknesses as writers don’t change from chapter to chapter. If you have an underdeveloped setting in 40 pages, you’ll probably have that issue in 300 pages. Simply take what you learn from those 40 pages and apply that knowledge to the entire manuscript yourself. I’m sure you can do that, but if you get stuck, you can always follow up with me.


Another hour of coaching by Skype to discuss the strengths, weaknesses, and possible directions for your novel.

I’ll send you my feedback, and after you’ve gone through it and made your list of questions, we’ll get on Skype for another hour and talk about your project.


Remember: I’m here for you.

I want to stress that the Skype calls are all about me being available to you. You’ll have had time to read through my feedback, so I’m not getting on Skype to tell you what I think of your writing. I’m getting on Skype so YOU can pick my brain. Use me as your own personal secret weapon to becoming a better writer.

Alida describes what you get with The Royal!

My epic fantasy series, The Sword That Forged a Man, was good enough to get agents to correspond, but needed professional editing to seal the deal. It takes coaching to clearly see a product that exists in your head translated to the page. I learned more from a one hour, one chapter preview with Alida than months of books and podcasts, and that was just the start. Through the Remington package, she identified my strengths and weaknesses and revealed better ways to get the same story across. Alida is more than an extra set of eyes, she knows what it takes to turn a narration into a story that resonates.

Jason Riou

Author, The Sword That Forged A Man

Prefer an installment plan? Pay $275 now and $275 when the 10,000-word manuscript is submitted for edits.

2 Budget-Friendly Options

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