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Unless Alida is out of the office – which rarely happens – you’ll have your session within 3 business days of signing up for Single Session Coaching.* Alida will ask you to provide some brief information about your project and concerns, meet you on Skype, and then the magic begins! It really is that simple.

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If you’ve heard Alida on her many podcast appearances, like Rocking Self Publishing, Author Biz, Author Strong, and The Sell More Books Show, you know that one of her special talents is addressing craft questions in real time. If you’ve listened to her and thought Boy, I wish I could pick her brain about ___________________, now’s your chance!

*During promotions that discount Alida’s normal rate, scheduling time may take a little bit longer due to the popularity of the sale.

Single Session Coaching

Here’s what people are saying after 30-minutes with Alida:

Before each call, writers sent Alida 3 questions in order of importance and a 1-page document that gave her a sense of the project. The document could have been a query letter, writing sample, plot summary, character sketch, or whatever was relevant to the writer’s questions.

Here’s what they got out of only 30 minutes with Alida.

My story had some serious flaws that involved several subplots that didn’t move the story forward and serve the protagonist’s goal, resulting in a disjointed read. Alida’s astute understanding of the problem helped to point me in the right direction, which will now require a significant rewrite but will make my story stronger. Additionally, she helped uncover other issues involving my protagonist’s character development, as well as that of a couple of supporting characters. Having no previous knowledge of my work, Alida was quick to identify where the problems were and sift out what I was trying to say. With Alida’s guidance, I now have the tools to get back on track, give my characters more purpose and skin in the game, and get about the business of strengthening my story.

I highly recommend Alida as a writing coach, and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Tom James

Script with weak subplots

I was nervous to bring my story to an editor’s eyes, but Alida handled my burgeoning ideas with respect and professionalism. She asked thoughtful and critical questions, made structural suggestions in line with the work I’d already done, and left me feeling inspired and excited to dig into the writing ahead.

Portia Carryer

Literary-dystopian with weak protagonist issues

Alida was a wealth of knowledge that I was extremely happy to tap into. She was easy to talk to and encouraging. Any question I had she was able to answer. After the coaching session, I am pumped to work on my writing. I would highly recommend Alida!

Amy Tasukada

Plotting a crime thriller

I loved Alida’s coaching style of using probing questions to draw out my writing challenge, rather than have me tell her about it. Her insight into the writing process helped me tighten up my outline and come up with a way to make sure that I’ll be able to write the first draft. I didn’t know what to expect going in, but I’m glad that I talked to Alida before starting this draft. Now I know who to turn to when I hit a roadblock in my storytelling journey.

Debashish Das

Storyboarding how-to for an action-adventure story

So much of the advice for writers out there is focused on marketing. But first, you have to write a good book. Alida’s advice is focused on the craft of writing. She looks at your work with the eye of a reader, writer and editor with the goal of making you a better writer.

Alida delivers her advice in a professional yet personable manner. She calls herself a writing coach (as well as an editor). The angst that a writer feels with most editors doesn’t exist with her because the tone of her sessions seem collaborative rather than critical.

I have read both of the Story Works Guide to Writing Fiction books that are currently available, and I am eagerly awaiting the next. I watch her podcasts and find them very instructive. But to solve specific issues in your writing, there is no substitute for a coaching session. I highly recommend Alida because her advice is good advice and following it has made me a better writer.

Mary Ellen Woods

Contemporary romance with multiple point of view issues

Talking with Alida about my query letter was hugely beneficial. She quickly provided some concrete pointers on structure, and she helped me get to the heart of my query pitch issues by helping me get to the heart of my story. Her targeted advice on where and how to bring out emotional touch points is going to help me trim the fat off my query and put something in front of agents that grabs their attention and, hopefully, leaves them wanting to read more.

Matthew Rasnake

Query letter for agents

Alida breaks seemingly huge mental roadblocks and challenges into manageable tasks. As a “pantser,” I struggle with feeling like I’m on the right track, and it was encouraging to receive feedback that was tailored to how my mind works. I came away from our conversation confident in how to proceed, especially with storyboarding, and excited about writing!

Dionne Nicole

Paranormal romance with process and plot issues

This morning and I received a consultation with Alida on the opening of my book, a book I have been struggling to write for several years now. This book has been a finalist in two international book competitions, but never seems to make the final cut. I contacted Alida to see if she could help me find out why.

Within the first ten minutes she was able to point out that I held my readers close to the six year old protagonist in the first page, but then distanced them in the second page within the same scene by subtly switching to the adult point of view. As soon as she said it, I could see what she was talking about, but that had not occurred to me before, even though I have read, rewritten and read again this same section.

I am now going to sign up for one of her editing packages, because I believe that she help me make that leap from an “almost good book” to a great book.

Frances Burke

Literary novel stuck in the runner up category

I was wrestling with plot and character motivations for my first novel. Alida helped me spot a few potential problems and suggested fixes. The changes represent some exciting new possibilities. I’m exploring them now. I had fun working with Alida and seeing my story through her eyes. Her targeted advice may have saved my story!

Zander Maxfield

Paranormal thriller with character motivation and plot issues

As a new writer, I had several questions and needed help with the opening hook of my novel. I had revised it so many times that I just needed someone else to help with it. That’s when I had the pleasure of working with Alida. She was phenomenal and has the rare ability to push you to excel while giving you the confidence to get there. She pours her heart and soul into helping you create nothing but the best.  She gave me the most helpful feedback I’ve ever received as a writer. I highly recommend her to anyone and will most definitely use her again.

Crystal Maxwell

Writing process and opening hook

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Single Session Coaching

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