The Murder in Skoghall

Skoghall Mystery Series, Book 1

Jessica Vernon sees divorce as an opportunity to start over, and sinks every last penny into pursuing her dream life: to write books and live in a charming old farmhouse in the arts community of Skoghall, Wisconsin on the Mississippi River. She imagines her new friends—the painter, the baker, the potter, the antique dealer—joining her and Shakti, her Golden Retriever, for wine and cheese to celebrate her first book launch.

But she didn’t count on a new puppy being so much work, or the locals being a little too close-knit, or her farmhouse, which was such a deal, being haunted by the woman who was murdered there forty years ago.

On the up side, Jess has caught the baker’s eye, and the potter has caught hers. Romance, however, is tricky for newly-divorced women, especially the haunted ones.

It turns out there’s more than one war being waged in Skoghall, and if she can’t solve the murder, Jess might not survive her first season on the river.


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