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Dark Corners in Skoghall

The Skoghall Mystery Series, Book 2

Jessica Vernon is done with ghosts, but the ghosts of Skoghall aren’t done with her. Jess didn’t know Skoghall would be so exciting. In her first few months as a resident of the tiny arts community on the Mississippi River, she put a ghost to rest, reunited a father and son, got a book deal, and found an amazing boyfriend. After all that, she was happy to put ghosts and detective work behind her. But the ghosts and detectives of Skoghall won’t let her settle down, and the life she dreamt of doesn’t last long. A traveling salesman brings trouble to town, and Jess’s friend is accused of murder. A Rice County Sheriff’s Office investigator enlists Jess’s unique skills to help solve the case. And Isabella makes sure Jess can’t ignore her. This killer is not only alive, but smart and dangerous. He’s got his own game to play and makes Jess his next pawn.

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