In this week’s Word Essential 60 Second Writing Tip, Alida discusses the pros and cons of writing groups. So if you’re thinking about joining one or founding your own, you’ll leave this video with lots of food for thought about the joys and the pitfalls you might find in a group of your peers.

Also, check out the Story Works Round Table episode in which Alida, Kathryn, and Matt discuss writing groups.

If you prefer reading to watching or listening, here are Alida’s talking points about Writing groups:
Before you join or found a writing group, consider:
– your genre and the other members’ genres, both what they read and write.
– find a group where members have similar enough abilities that everyone is in a position to help each other.
Writing groups can be a great:
– hone your skills.
– find community.
– have writerly fun.
Drawbacks/watch out for:
– too many cooks.
– people can be defensive or thin skinned.
– people like to give advice whether they should or not.
– have written guidelines for the group and a structure to how it’s run.
– ask why? If the explanation is sound, give it due consideration.
– if there is a consensus supporting a piece of feedback, give it due consideration.
– listen to your gut.
– hesitate to leave a group.
– be afraid to ask people who aren’t working out to leave the group.



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