Now that you know you should be in scene, here are some tips to help you with that.


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In scene, no dialogue:

Sara slammed her car door after hurling herself behind the wheel and instantly regretted it. The window had been slipping lately and her dad had pried the panel off the inside of her door to reset it twice already. She dropped her hands in her lap and stared at the vacancy that used to be her driver-side window. Her lower lip tucked between her teeth and she drew in a big breath. She exhaled between her teeth and lower lip: ffffff, then noticed her neighbor in the driveway next door. Mr. Anders raised a hand to wave hello, hesitated, and dropped his hand to his side. Sara liked Mr. Anders because he fed squirrels and had always given her a full size Snickers on Halloween just for living next door.

She couldn’t look at him and not burst into tears, so she jabbed her key at the ignition and jerked the old Civic into reverse.

She made it out of her neighborhood, staring resolutely out the windshield, refusing to glance to either side whenever she was stopped for traffic, certain anyone who saw her knew instantly that she was losing it.

With no money and too young to get into anywhere interesting, Sara got on Highway 12 and headed out of town. The one thing she could do was drive. A slew of CDs littered her passenger seat. With an angry shove, her back pack fell to the foot well. Sara shuffled through the silvered discs with her right hand, glancing between their labels and the pavement before her. Living in the burbs as she did, it wasn’t long before the highway dropped a couple of lanes and raised the speed limit. Sara pushed a Radiohead CD into the player, pressed the accelerator, and let the tears fall as the wind flew at her through the missing window.


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