Alida, Matt, and Kathryn discuss the importance of subplots to fiction. Your subplots and supporting characters are crucial to a successful novel and are the answer to the “soggy middle” problem.

Show Notes

What exactly is a subplot? When do you need them? Who should they revolve around? And can they really alleviate the soggy middle syndrome? And please don’t forget your characters have lives too! Don’t make them live entirely in the main plot line.

What we talked about:

What is a subplot? And when do you need them? (0:30)

How do you show subplot on the page? And what characters should be featured in your subplots? (7:45)

Do you have to plan your subplots? Or can you go back and plant the details later? (13:12)

How can subplots help with the “soggy middle”? (16:10)

Things we mentioned:

Stephen King – 11/22/63
Stand by Me
Annie Proulx – Brokeback Mountain
Luis Carlos Montalvan – Until Tuesday: A Wounded Warrior and the Golden Retriever Who Saved Him

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