Alida and Robert talk about supporting characters. How can you develop them enough? How much development does a supporting character need? What kinds of roles do supporting characters fill?

Show Notes:

How do you develop supporting characters? What goes into them versus your protagonist? How do you move them from plot device to fully fleshed being? And what role should they play? Above all how do you keep them from all sounding the same?

What we talked about:

What is the difference between developing a supporting character and your protagonist? (0:37)

How do you move your supporting character from plot device to fully fleshed character? (3:12)

How do you keep your secondary characters skills or traits from being too convenient, or solving your protagonists problems? (6:28)

What is the role of supporting characters in your hero’s journey? (9:01)

What about the antagonist? (11:22)

What about the antagonists supporting characters, how do you keep them from being henchmen? (13:01)

Rule of Reader Engagement for character development. (14:15)

When and how should you name supporting characters? (18:10)

How do you distinguish your supporting characters from each other? (19:42)

Things we mentioned:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Red Rising by Pierce Brown
The Americans
Orphan Black
The Big Bang Theory
The Princess Bride

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