Robert and Alida discuss action scenes, what they are and what you need to do to make your reader sit up and pay attention! We cover everything from choreographing your fight to multiple team action scenes, from slowing down the action to avoiding repetition, from enacting the action yourself to making the reader sweat with anticipation.

Show Notes:

What is an action scene? And how should you go about building one? Why is it so important to choreograph your action? And how can you use your narrator to bring clarity? Don’t forget about your senses, using anticipation, and making sure that reader feels what you are trying to convey.

What we talked about:

What is an action scene? (0:28)

Is an action scene like an action movie? (1:08)

How should you start planning an action scene? (2:08)

After you know where it fits, and what the stakes are, then how do you choreograph your action? (5:17)

How can slowing down help with clarity of your action? (7:25)

How to use your narrator and the characters senses to add depth to the scene. (11:10)

How can reader anticipation increase empathy? (14:05)

How can you craft the scene to make the reader feel what you want them to? (15:28)

Do not overdo your action scene! (17:15)

What about action scenes with several moving parts? (21:11)

Don’t forget that your action scenes must mean something. (23:11)

How should you vary your action? (25:57)

Tip: physical action can help write action scenes. (26:37)

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