Alida and Kathryn welcome Anja Bauermeister back to talk about writing fiction in two languages, English and German. We move into a great conversation about finding the voice of a piece and that flow state of easy writing.

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Am Ende dieses Jahres by Anja May
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Show Notes:

What is it like to write in two different languages? How do you make that choice and why pick one over the other? How does it affect voice and how can immersion in the project effect that coveted flow state?

What we talked about:

What is it like to write in two different languages? (0:38)

Asking the question – which voice is right for this piece? English or German? How is it similar to a point of view choice? (3:38)

Does the setting or culture you are trying to represent affect what language you use? (6:40)

What seems to be instinctive choices as a writer can later be turned around and explained by craft. (7:41)

Do English and German have different pros and cons for different kinds of writing? (9:21)

The dialect problem. (10:42)

What are some of the challenges of writing in a language that is not your native language? (12:32)

Is it more difficult to write in English not living in an English speaking country? (15:12)

Developing voice in two different languages. (15:55)

How does voice contribute to a writers flow state? (18:38)

How does immersion contribute to flow state? (21:00)

Things we mentioned:

Translation Episode with Anja and Christina!


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