Alida, Kathryn, and Robert share their freewriting and talk about how it went, why they liked it, and getting out of cages.

Writing Prompt: You wake up in a cage to find you’ve been undergoing genetic alterations. What newfound skill do you have, and why will it make returning to society extremely dangerous?

Rules of Freewriting: Keep your hand moving and don’t stop – handwriting not typing. If you don’t know what to write, write “I don’t know what to write”. Do not edit as you write.

Show Notes:

This week, in a continuation of writing prompts part 1, we share our freewriting. In addition to reading and reacting to our writing, we talk about the benefits of sharing writing prompts with others, what cultural touchstones we drew on, and the implicit issues genetic manipulation brings.

What we talked about:

Our writing prompt. (1:08)

How did it go? How much did we write? What was the experience like? (1:42)

Kathryn’s freewriting, and our reactions. (8:05)

Robert’s freewriting, and our reactions. (11:35)

Alida’s freewriting, and our reactions. (15:20)

The benefits of sharing our writing prompts with each other. (19:08)

Cultural touchstones we drew on with our writing, and the issues that genetic alterations bring to the table. (19:50)

Final thoughts on the experience and the benefits of writing prompts. (23:30)

Things we mentioned:


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