Alida and Kathryn welcome special guests, German translators, Anja Bauermeister and Christina Löw.

Show Notes:

Get to know Anja and Christina and their work as German translators. Ever wonder about the process of taking a book from one language to another? What about how the translator takes your words and conveys them in another language? And what is the level of trust you are extending? And don’t forget that a different language is a different market!

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What we talked about:

Meet Anja and Christina! (1:10)

How does speaking multiple languages factor into what you do? (3:55)

How did living in the US affect translating? (7:00)

What is the process of taking a manuscript from English to German? (10:10)

Can you turn your translator mind on and off? (14:21)

How would you characterize the difference between English and German? (17:52)

How do you translate cultural touchstones, idioms, or pop culture references? (23:45)

What is your attitude toward this work of fiction you are translating? (27:12)

What about the title? (29:25)

What has this process of translation taught you? (32:15)

Things we mentioned:

TED Talk by Keith Chen


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