Alida, Matt and Kathryn discuss the issue of accountability and how it can help you write more.

Show Notes:

Want to start off 2017 right? We talk about how to use accountability in tandem with your productivity to boost your writing. Is there a difference between accountability and productivity? And how can you set up accountability in your own life? What tools are out there for use? And should you go public with your goals? It all comes down to knowing yourself and how you work.

What we talked about:

Is there a difference between accountability and time management/productivity? (1:16)

What are the different ways to set up accountability? (2:55)

What about using the book pre-order deadlines to keep yourself accountable? (5:30)

How can groups or people around you help you with accountability? (7:02)

Is going public right for you? (9:24)

Know yourself and what motivates you. (10:50)

How an accountability buddy can really help you out. (13:58)

What tools do we use to help with accountability? (14:53)

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