Alida, Kathryn and Matt talk writing habits, what gets in the way of forming good ones, and how to get it done, despite those pesky distractions.

Show Notes:

What is a writing habit? And how can you create one that is both enjoyable and productive? What if you are writing around all your other life responsibilities? And what kind of systems can you put in place to make yourself successful? As we head into this new year, make your writing a priority.

What we talked about:

What writing habits do we use and how do they help our writing life? (0:21)

How can you start writing if you don’t have a whole block of time to dedicate to it? (2:55)

What kind of writing goals should you set? (4:10)

How can you better utilize your writing time when you have to write in the margins of your day? (5:00)

How can you establish a writing habit when you have a full time job and you are mentally and physically exhausted? (6:30)

How can you use a reward system to help your writing habits? (10:32)

How do you overcome the challenge of finishing what you start? How can that be beneficial to your overall writing habit? (11:42)

How can you prepare yourself for your writing time to help your writing habit? (14:10)

And a final tip to make your writing time as productive as possible. (16:05)

Things we mentioned:

Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg

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