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This week at the Story Works Round Table, Alida, Robert, and Kathryn continue to workshop each others strengths and weaknesses as productive writers. Last week, Alida took the hot seat. Now it’s Kathryn’s and Robert’s turns. Kathryn builds a system to boost her productivity after mining her own life for inspiration–meal planning can make you a better writer. Robert seeks external, objective motivators and gets stuff done, but does that help him reach his writing goals? You might be surprised by the answer.

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If you haven’t listened to part one of this conversation, in which Alida talks about her mid-year update, check it out here!

We start off this episode with a recounting of Kathryn’s progress, before diving into bringing self-awareness and cross-contextualization into your goals processes. How can we adapt systems in our life that already work in order to help us complete our goals? And how much productivity are we actually capable of each day? Robert gives us an update on his progress and we talk about the insane amount of pressure we put on ourselves, and how we can help motivate ourselves each and every day. We all want to live the life we love, one day at a time. It’s just about finding the balance to do so!

What we talked about:

Kathryn’s update on her progress, and how she is re-framing her goals. (3:42)

The reality of systems in Kathryn’s life. (6:01)

The key of self-awareness and cross-contextualizing within your life. (8:56)

The struggle of adapting other people’s processes into your own life. (11:33)

So take it to the next step, what system do you have in place to let you know when things are finished? (13:30)

How many hours of productivity are we really capable of? (15:18)

Robert’s update on his progress, or frustrating lack thereof. (17:00)

The insane pressure we put upon ourselves. (20:45)

So how can Robert turn his attention to inputs? Where can he find those micro-motivators in his life? (23:00)

What does fulfillment mean to you? And where do you find satisfaction? (26:30)

How can you re-frame your goals in a way that motivates you to achieve them? (28:57)

Writing goals are not our only goals in life – but we so want to achieve them! (30:05)


Things we mentioned:

2k to 10k by Rachel Aaron 
Atomic Habits by James Clear 

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