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This week at the Round Table, Alida, Kathryn, & Robert mastermind each other’s progress during our mid-year check-in. We go way beyond basic talk of motivation, dropping the carrot and the stick in the middle of the road. We get meta! We all came away with exciting new insights, unique to each of us, that will help us reframe our process and our progress. These takeaways could help you go deeper into your writing life whys and wherefores!




We jump into reviewing our progress on this year’s goals, and spiral into a conversation about our processes, mindset, and how to measure progress. Are we motivated by pain, reward, or something else? How can you re-frame your goals in order to recognize what you have accomplished, rather than beat yourself up for what you didn’t? Ultimately, it all comes down to living the life you want to live, one day at a time!

What we talked about:

Alida reviews her goals for the year. (4:50)

What happens to motivation when Alida gets really behind? (9:25)

Should you do seasonal plans? (11:30)

How do you process your entire life’s priorities, with your writing in view? (12:25)

What are you motivated by? (13:20)

Habit stacking, and being motivated by “inputs”. (17:45)

Re-evaluate what it means to accomplish your goals. (21:30)

Are you living the days you want to live? (23:15)


Things we mentioned:

2k to 10k by Rachel Aaron 
Atomic Habits by James Clear 

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