This week at the Round Table, Kathryn and Alida discuss discoveries they’re making about planning and revising a novel midstream. Kathryn is between drafts on a science fiction work, and Alida is in the middle of a first draft of a historical fiction novel, so why are they both dealing with world building and research now? What can you learn about prewriting, writing, and revision from their process of discovery?










What details about our story do we miss in first draft? And what can we do to solve them? Is it possible to know everything before you start drafting? And what should your attitude be toward those missing pieces? We dive into how to revise those scenes that you love, and how to use rewriting in your revision process. In the end, it’s all writing! So be excited about making your story the best it can be.

What we talked about:

What are we discovering is missing in our work? (1:00)

Why didn’t Kathryn think about these big things before the first draft? (2:30)

Could Kathryn have realized the issue before she finished the draft? (3:58)

Could focusing on theme fix the problem? (6:05)

Infusing meaning with details. (8:15)

The process of growth through revision. (10:42)

What about when you don’t know what you need to know, while you are drafting? (12:40)

How can revisiting your research help your second draft? (15:10)

But what about when you love the scene you’ve written, as it is? (16:45)

Rewriting as Revision. (21:20)

Our takeaway – get excited about your revision! (24:40)




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