This week we do something never done before at the Round Table. My very special friend, Nicodemus Wolfgang Taranovsky, joins me in my living room for an actual sit-down chat all about…writing fantasy!










How did Nico get into writing fantasy? And what is the history of this genre? How would you write a classic fantasy story today? And should you have a distinct good versus evil plot? We dive into types of fantasy stories, starting with the Portal/Quest fantasy and how to immerse your reader, without losing them!

What we talked about:

What started Nico’s journey into writing fantasy? (1:50)

The history of Fantasy as a clearly defined genre. (6:55)

How would you define “Fantasy” today, and not fall into a sub-genre? (9:53)

Good vs. Evil in Fantasy today. (11:50)

In order to be fantasy, must you depart from our known world? (13:40)

Portal/Quest Fantasy. (17:31)

How do you explain things within an immersion fantasy story? (21:52)

How can you craft your immersion fantasy without losing the reader? (26:49)

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