This week, Alida, Robert, & Kathryn have Mike Stop Continues back at the Round Table to discuss the ways we use narrative to guide a reader into and through your story. We cover common issues with sequencing, action, & delivering surprise. We explore how to guide the reader with narrative prowess, and give you tips for finding problems in your manuscript as you revise.





What is a sequencing issue, and why is it so bothersome to Mike (and Alida)? Why do they happen? And how should you address them? What tools do you miss out on when things are out of order? How can you use narrative to help craft surprise, and reveals? And what is the problem with delaying your dialogue tag? We leave you with ways we discover problems in our own manuscripts.

What we talked about:

Mike’s pet peeve about sequencing, and why it’s important. (1:00)

Why do sequencing issues happen? And when should you address them? (3:15)

Why are sequencing issues such a big deal? (5:55)

How does sequencing give you access to more tools as a writer? (7:00)

Why should you slow down your action? (11:50)

How do you use narrative to craft surprise? (14:28)

The problem of delayed dialogue tags. (19:04)

Tools for identifying these issues in your narrative? (24:10)

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