This week, Alida, Kathryn, & Robert welcome special guest Mike Stop Continues back to the Round Table to continue our discussion about theme. This week, we’re looking at how theme functions in our revision process. We talk about the role of theme in description, action, and dialogue; making each story element carry its weight; the role of specific detail; and making your story meaningful.





You have a draft, now how should you approach revising to your theme? Mike breaks down a way to approach your draft across multiple facets of your novel, and we talk about how it all works together. How do you transform description, action, and dialogue into a thematic powerhouse? By keeping your theme front and center! Now, go write it on a post-it note and stick it to your monitor!

Make sure to check out our first conversation with Mike about theme in last weeks episode!

What we talked about:

How should you approach theme in revision? (1:50)

How can you break down your revision process and address theme across multiple facets of your novel? (3:45)

How do you transform a regular description into a thematic description? (7:30)

How do you make your setting thematic? (12:10)

How can you craft thematic action? (16:00)

The overlap of dialogue and action. (20:10)

We do a lot with our words on a page! Don’t let it overwhelm you as a writer! (22:10)

Keep your theme right in front of you, and use it as a benchmark for what you keep and what you discard in your revision. (25:40)



Things we mentioned:

Steven Pressfield 

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