This week, Alida, Kathryn, and Robert discuss reveals. What they are. How many you should have. How they work in the plot arc. When they fail (when they upset readers like Kathryn!). How to write them. 

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What is the reveal? And how do you craft one? How do you introduce intrigue artfully? And when should you follow that intrigue with the reveal? Remember your reveal must be worth the emotional investment of the reader!

What we talked about:

The definition of the reveal. (1:10)

Do reveals happen naturally? (2:20)

How do you introduce intrigue artfully? (4:50)

How reveals can be crafted to confirm or reverse reader expectations. (9:40)

Intrigue takes time! Don’t be too quick to reveal, and don’t be heavy handed. (12:15)

What are some problems you can encounter with reveals? (16:00)

Reveals must be worthy of their emotional investment in the question. (21:10)

Don’t be artificial with your intrigue. (24:40)




Things we mentioned:

Isaac Asimov 
Red Rising by Pierce Brown 
Girl on a Train A.J. Waines 
The Sixth Sense 
Under Heaven by Guy Gavriel Kay 

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