This week Alida, Kathryn, & Robert celebrate our 100th episode and revisit the past. What is the role of flashbacks in the forward movement of a story? How can you use them effectively? What’s the danger of using a flashback? What do you need to consider when choosing how to effectively reveal your character’s past to the reader?

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When should you use a flashback? Does it add to or detract from a readers experience? What are the ways you can reveal backstory, and when should you choose flashback over other options?

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What we talked about:

When should you use flashback? (2:28)

Why doesn’t Robert use flashbacks? (5:25)

Can a flashback add emotional stakes? (8:11)

The different ways we can show backstory, and when should you use flashback over the other options? (9:05)

How to use flashback to affect the structure. (13:20)

What is your goal for the backstory reveal? (15:05)

Take care! Flashbacks must keep your reader wanting to read more! (17:20)

Why would you use flashback over another type of reveal? (18:25)




Things we mentioned:

Story Grid Round Table podcast 
Stories of Your Life by Ted Chiang 
Tin Star 
Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo 

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