Alida, Kathryn, and Matt discuss some of the challenges they face when writing characters and how to avoid those common problems.

Show notes

Have you ever struggled with your antagonist or supporting characters motivation? Or wonder what kind of work you need to put in before you start writing? We even get into what we do for character sketches and how our journals will lead to posthumous fame!

What we talked about:

What is harder a protagonist, a supporting character, or an antagonist? Why we struggle with Antagonists and how to fix it. (0:35)

How to develop motivations of secondary characters. (7:55)

Take Action! Alida talks about why you develop your characters ahead of time, and what you should ask yourself when putting those characters on the page. (14:30)

Kathryn’s problem: The perfect protagonist. (16:35)

Matt’s problem: starting with a flat protagonist. (18:20)

What we think about character sketches. (19:40)

Things we mentioned:

Ken Follet – Eye of the Needle
BBC Drama – Indian Summers

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