This week, Alida, Robert, and Kathryn discuss the problem of multiple projects. Our listener Deanna wanted to know how should we prioritize what to work on when we have multiple projects and no specific deadline? The question raised the issues of carrying multiple projects, productivity and making progress, how to set up priorities, and the role of passion in your writing life. Then we addressed Kathryn’s question: when do you walk away? Is walking away always a bad thing? Should you be a “completer?” We touch on taking lessons learned with you and the evolution of ideas.

We finish up with a first quarter check in. Let our struggles and success inspire you.

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Do we maintain multiple projects at at time? What are the pros and cons of splitting your writing attention? And how do you prioritize the projects that you are working on? What about project completion? When should you abandon a project? And when should you seek outside feedback? And finally, we update everyone on our 2019 goals.

What we talked about:

Do we have multiple projects going on at once? (1:00)

Do projects suffer when we have more than one going at a time? (8:50)

How do we prioritize multiple projects? (12:35)

When should you walk away from a project? (16:13)

When should you seek external feedback about your project? (19:35)

Don’t beat your head against a wall! (23:30)

How are we doing on our 2019 goals? (24:40)




Things we mentioned:

Maggie Stiefvater

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