This week, Alida, Robert, & Kathryn discuss the role of humor in story writing, the various kinds, how to get it on the page, and why it’s hard to create humor in the written work. If you’re enjoying the show, please rate, subscribe, and share.










How do we encounter humor in fiction? Does it inspire or frustrate us as writers? How do you craft humor? What kinds of humor are there? And isn’t humor more of an audible medium? How do you learn to write humor? We dive into the benefits of studying improv, and offer some resources to learn more!

What we talked about:

How do we encounter humor in fiction? How does it affect us as writers? (0:45)

How do you craft humor? And what does humor accomplish? (3:55)

Should humor be character specific? (6:45)

What kinds of humor are there? (7:47)

Humor as a audible medium. (8:38)

How to help your character deliver the humor. (11:55)

How do you learn how to write humor? (13:25)

Don’t let your characters block the humor. (13:48)

Book Recommendations for humor. (17:07)




Things we mentioned:

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams 
The Navy Lark 
Red Dwarf 
The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher 
Jack Reacher by Lee Child 
Comedy Writing Step by Step by Gene Perret 
Impro by Keith Johnstone 
Who’s Line is it Anyway? 
Douglas Adams
Road Fever by Tim Cahill 


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