Alida and Kathryn welcome Carlee Tressel Alson back to the Round Table to discuss process. Carlee gives us her 5 steps to getting through a first draft without the pain of being stuck—a process she developed after getting stuck in the middle of a major book project. Keep your motivation high and your momentum going!










Carlee shares five tools to help us through our drafting process, whether you are in first draft or revision! We talk about setting goals, using focused writing time, keeping a log, as well as a visual progress meter, and rewarding yourself at the completion of a project. Carlee also talks about her experience with group accountability and how key it was to finishing her draft. Remember! We’re doing an accountability challenge in our Facebook group this year! Join us today! 

Check out some of Carlee’s work:
The Farmer and I: In the Middle of it all 
The Farmer and I: A Rookie’s Field Guide to Farm Speak 

What we talked about:

How Carlee discovered these five tools. (1:05)

The first tool: set a finite, and realistic goal. (3:32)

The second tool: focused writing time. (8:00)

The third tool: keep a Captains log. (12:10)

The fourth tool: use a visual progress meter. (16:40)

The fifth tool: get an accountability group! (23:48)

Remember that the end is also a beginning. (33:00)




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