This week Alida and Kathryn welcome Carlee Tressel Alson to the Round Table. After our episode on emotional risk-taking with guest Dain Edward, we thought we could go deeper with that topic, so we invited Carlee to join us for a deep dive into what it means to take emotional risks in both fiction and creative nonfiction writing. It’s about way more than what you feel while you write. Carlee is a published author of both fiction and creative nonfiction.

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Why are we compelled by the truth in our lives? And how can we make art out of emotional risks? When should we protect the people we’ve written about rather than publish our work? And how do you deal with your reality in writing, whether in fiction or nonfiction?

If you haven’t listened to our first episode on taking emotional risks with Dain Edward check it out here

And make sure to check out some of Carlee’s work:
The Farmer and I: In the Middle of it all
The Farmer and I: A Rookie’s Field Guide to Farm Speak

What we talked about:

Why is taking emotional risks so important? (2:10)

You are making art out of your truth. (4:00)

What is taking emotional risks about? (5:10)

How will making this art affect the real people that are in it? (5:55)

When should we protect somebody rather than publish our writing? (9:00)

Do you worry about people believing you experienced what you are writing about? (12:20)

Dealing with your realities in writing – whether fiction or non-fiction. (16:00)

It doesn’t have to be trauma, it just has to be truth! (20:20)




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