This week, Alida, Kathryn, and Robert welcome Dain Edward back to the round table. We’re discussing the psychology of storytelling. How is storytelling used in the real world? Is storytelling fundamental to being human? How do we experiment with being human without getting hurt? By imagining possibilities, experimenting with life in fiction, and making the unreal into story. Also, discover the spine of your story with Dain’s great writing tool.










What is the psychology of storytelling? And how do we factor it into our writing process? Why do we tell stories? And how can we tap into the power of verbal storytelling?

What we talked about:

What is the psychology of storytelling? (0:45)

How do we factor in the psychology of storytelling in our writing process? (4:38)

Storytelling is about being connected to the story. (8:18)

The psychology of invention. (9:15)

We tell stories to convince our listener or our reader. (10:30)

How do you tap the verbal storytelling as a novel writer? (12:45)

How you can use this to find your stories spine, and help refine your ideas. (14:10)




Things we mentioned:

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 

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