This week, Robert, Kathryn, and Alida discuss progress made and lessons learned from the year gone by. It’s a writerly taking stock of struggles and successes with reflection on what it means to be a writer and where we plan to go from here.

Next week’s show is a companion episode about goals and motivation for writers. Complete with an invitation to keep each other accountable. Join us!










What did we learn from 2018? Did we meet our goals? And do we struggle to see ourselves as writers? Alida gives us a challenge for 2019, and we hope you will join in too!

What we talked about:

What are we taking forward with us from 2018? (1:27)

Have we met our goals this year? (11:24)

Do we get discouraged as writers? Do we struggle with prioritizing our writing? (13:17)

The challenge for 2019! (18:40)

The benefit of other people. (21:10)




Things we mentioned:

Story by Robert McKee 
Story Grid by Shawn Coyne 
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life by Eric Idle 

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