This week, Dain Edward joins us at the round table to discuss the importance of taking risks in your writing. How is fiction different from creative nonfiction? Why should we take risks and put all of our messy selves into our stories? And what can we learn from incarcerated writers?




Why is it important to take emotional risks in your writing? And why is it easier for some writers and not for others? When should you take the risks? And how does it change from fiction to creative non-fiction? Letting your mess onto the page can turn a good story into a great story, and it all starts with what you are passionate about.

What we talked about:

How did Dain run across this question of emotional risk in writing? (1:25)

Is there an inhibition writers struggle with? (5:12)

Do we separate our person from our work? Is that a good thing? (8:10)

Fiction can be very personal, without having to be completely vulnerable. (9:12)

What does it look like to take a risk in fiction? (12:15)

Writing as catharsis. (16:40)

Authenticity versus imitation. (17:50)

How do we let our mess out? (19:50)

Risks come from themes that we are passionate about. (26:30)



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