This week, Alida, Robert, and Kathryn bring Dain Edward to the round table to discuss the intersection of script-writing and novel-writing. What can we learn from script writing? How are screenplays different from novels? How should we consider the audience when we write?




What is the difference between script writing for the screen, and novel writing? How do the writing processes overlap? And how beneficial is the established collaboration within screenwriting? What are the benefits (and pitfalls) of the technicalities and structure of screenwriting as a novel writer? And are we tapping into our knowledge of film? Go out and study structure, story, and screenwriting! An informed writer is a better writer!

Dain Edward has a B.A. in classical music, was a filmmaker for fifteen years, and has an MFA in fiction from Hamline University. He has been teaching with the MN Prison Writing Workshop since 2012, specializing in classes that dig deep into the structures and psychology of all forms of narrative.

What we talked about:

What is Dain’s history in film-making? (1:30)

Writing for film means thinking about what it would take to visually create the story you are writing. (3:45)

Is novel writing freeing in comparison? (4:58)

How does the writing process overlap? How can it benefit novel writing? (6:00)

Do you use the structural, technical aspects of screenwriting in your writing process? (7:55)

How much time do we spend in the pre-writing phase? (8:55)

What is the collaborative difference between script-writing and novel writing? (15:15)

Does the constant influx of criticism make you a better writer faster? (19:45)

Screenwriting asks questions that we can use in novel writing to better our process. (20:25)

How can you evaluate your story structure? (22:10)

Don’t rush your stories! Be an informed writer and make informed decisions about your writing! (26:00)

Tap into your film knowledge! (29:03)


Things we mentioned:

On Writing by Stephen King

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