This week, Alida, Kathryn, & Robert answer a listener’s question. Elise wants to know how to tackle revision other than by following the old advice to “rest” the manuscript, putting it in a drawer for months. We talk about lots of tools we use to get into those second, third, and later drafts without a minute of drawer time!




We’ve all heard the advice to rest your manuscripts before you revise, but how much is that really necessary? When is it a beneficial tool, and when should you dive right into your revision passes? What are some tools we can use to better look at our manuscripts? And how can you change your perspective in order to uncover more flaws in your writing?

What we talked about:

Do we rest our manuscripts? (0:45)

The benefits of printing your manuscript. (2:03)

When is resting a useful tool? (4:10)

How do you address rising and falling action in your revision? (5:12)

Read your manuscript with one issue at a time. (9:34)

So how do you come at a manuscript with fresh eyes? (15:30)

Change your media to change your perspective. (17:05)

Utilize a writing partners eyes. (21:35)


Things we mentioned:

Writing plots with drama, depth and heart by Roz Morris
Book Architecture: How to plot and outline without using a formula by Stuart Horwitz
On Writing by Stephen King
Story Grid by Sean Coyne
Voice dream

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