In this week’s can’t miss episode, we delve deep into making your readers feel along with your characters. As writers, it’s our job to pull our readers strings…but how?




Why do you want to evoke emotions in your reader? And what are some nuts and bolts ways to make that happen? Remember to stick to the basics, to structure your emotional payoffs, and that even emotions deserve an arc. We talk about how to handle this with tension and release, your character’s arc, and offsetting it from your physical climaxes. Don’t stray into melodrama, and keep that emotional pull all the way to the end of your novel!

What we talked about:

How do we address evoking emotions in our reader? (0:52)

“Show, don’t tell” and go deep into your character. (4:50)

How do you know if your reader is feeling along with your characters? (6:25)

Stick to the basics! (7:45)

Read your work as a reader, and then invite other readers input. (8:56)

Structure in your emotional payoffs. (10:54)

Use the release of tension to trigger emotions in your reader. (12:38)

Your characters arc will affect your characters reactions. (15:50)

What about one-dimensional characters? (17:45)

Don’t overdo your emotional demands on your reader. (19:20)

The emotional arc of your story. (20:14)

What is the difference between emotional moments and melodramatic moments? (21:13)

Your dramatic action and your emotional peak might be offset. (24:20)

Your emotional recovery is not the same as your physical recovery. (24:58)

How to handle your emotions and the end of the novel. (26:56)


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