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This week, Robert and Alida welcome MG Herron to the round table to discuss the benefits of keeping a community of writers. We discuss the ways we’ve found community, how we’ve benefited from them, the differences between online and live communities, and how we’ve changed as writers thanks to the writers we know and love.




What is the difference between working in a community and in isolation as a writer? How does it change your work and your mindset? Do we prefer traditional or digital communities? And what are the pros and cons of digital versus face to face? How does a writing community help you grow? And how can it hurt your efforts? As with everything, be careful to balance your life with your community and your writing so that you don’t suffer from overwhelm! And don’t forget, the Story Works community is available to you!

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What we talked about:

Have you ever worked in isolation as a writer? How did the community affect your writing success? (3:36)

Did you start with a traditional or digital community? (6:49)

What are the pros and cons of digital versus face to face? (11:50)

How feedback loops within your community help your writing. (16:35)

How have you grown as a result of your writing community? (18:32)

At what point do you get information overload because of your community? (23:08)

The importance of an interpersonal community. (25:20)

How to balance your community and keep yourself from overwhelm. (28:03)


Things we mentioned:

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