This week, we discuss how to keep the “stuff” between your supporting cast of characters real, avoiding the problem of “nicey-nice,” and using tension to create forward momentum in your story, even when it’s all good guys on the page!




Are you supporting characters always supportive? How can you use character conflicts and relationships to up the stakes and tension in your work? Don’t forget: no one exists in a vacuum! And characters are defined by how they interact with others!

What we talked about:

What is the “nicey-nice” problem and do we have issues with people being too kind to each other? (1:53)

Don’t forget about your protagonists relationship to the supporting characters. (5:20)

Character relationships have backstory too! (8:10)

Use those conflicts to create climactic moments throughout your story! (8:58)

The problem of parents in young adult fiction. (10:20)

Be artistic with your character relationships and conflicts. (12:04)

Great characters do not exist in a vacuum! (15:05)


Things we mentioned:

Jack Reacher by Lee Child
Guardians of the Galaxy
Thor: Ragnarok

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