This week, Alida, Robert and Kathryn discuss the oft used and oft misunderstood trope. What is a trope really? How do we use them? Why and how are so many people confused about tropes?




What is the actual definition of a trope? And how should you use one? Why do we conflate it with so many other things? And how can you use them artistically without falling into cliche’s or heavy handed writing?

What we talked about:

The actual definition of the word trope. (0:28)

Examples of a trope and how to use them. (3:50)

Tropes are not genre conventions. (6:20)

Tropes as motifs. (9:15)

How did tropes get a bad name? (12:48)

How to use tropes artistically as a writer. (13:28)

How do tropes and genre conventions work together? (14:50)

The issue of heavy-handedness. (17:27)

Alida’s wrap up of tropes! (20:28)


Things we mentioned:
Star Trek 
Galaxy Quest


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