Alida, Kathryn, and Robert discuss revision, including some of our favorite tools and techniques for making the process easier.





Before you check out this episode, make sure you’ve listened to episode 036 First Drafts.

Revision – love it? Hate it? How do we approach it? What should your mindset be when you approach revision? And how long does it take us? Revision is just a part of the process and a necessary one! So learn to enjoy it!

What we talked about:

Do we love or hate revision? (0:32)

How should you approach your revision? How do we approach revision? (4:06)

But why does Robert keep mentioning adverbs? (8:05)

But what if you like your first draft? (8:45)

So how do you dive into revision? (10:45)

Do you revise in order? Do you re-outline? (11:48)

Fixing your mindset about revision. (18:55)

How much time does it take to revise your stories? (23:12)

Alida’s wrap up – just do it! (27:30)


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