In honor of New Year’s, or maybe just in time for New Year’s, we discuss goal setting and all the tips and tricks we use to help ourselves identify our priorities and stick to them. Are outcomes better than goals?




This conversation goes with last week’s on Motivation!

Why do we desire to set goals for the new year? And why Robert hates goal setting? What is the framework of inputs and outcomes and how can we use it to avoid goal overwhelm? We talk about the power of the to do list, and that you must know yourself and your tendencies in order to be successful. In the end Alida wraps it up in one neat bundle of tips!

What we talked about:

Why do we set goals for the new year? (0:42)

Why Robert doesn’t set goals! (1:31)

What are inputs and outcomes? (4:00)

How do you avoid goal overwhelm? (9:28)

The power of the to do list. (10:58)

Know thyself! (15:26)

It’s all about daily habits not new years resolutions. (20:45)

Don’t let your goals stand alone. (21:31)

So, it’s 2018 what should you do? (21:51)


Things we mentioned:

The 6 Best Writer Productivity Tools by Tim Grahl (The Autofocus List)
7 Big Rocks by Stephen Covey

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