Alida, Kathryn, and Robert discuss the benefits of travel, retreat, and otherwise resting the writer’s brain. What are benefits of leaving your writer’s den? How can you find inspiration and story ideas when you’re on the go? Do you need to travel to find these benefits?




Welcome back Robert! Since Robert just got back from a recent trip, we dive into the idea of travel. Are we travelers? And how far do you have to go to refresh your writing brain? What if you can’t afford to travel? And should your travel involve writing? What are the benefits of breaking out of your routine? And how should you record your travel for later?

What we talked about:

Are we travelers? (1:20)

What are the benefits of traveling as a writer? (2:12)

So where can or should you go? Even if you are travel cash poor? (4:28)

Your travel does not have to be writing-centric. (8:05)

The benefit of breaking your routine. (9:08)

Does travel help refresh your writing brain? (10:57)

Not all traveling is a writing retreat! (12:54)

Writing exercises to try while you travel. (15:27)

What about writers retreats? (19:20)


Things we mentioned:

Zen and the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury
Creative Indie with Derek Murphy

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