Alida and Kathryn continue their conversation with special guest Steve Peha about writing skills we all need, regardless of genre.




Wait! If you haven’t yet listened to our first episode with Steve, go back and check it out! SWRT 030 Writing Skills part 1.

What are some benefits of writing short? How can you make sure your writing is working for your readers? And what are some challenges we face as writers? Finally we talk about what process to go through as you seek to improve your writing!

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What we talked about:

The benefits of writing short. (4:05)

Your writing must work for your reader! (6:10)

You will re-write and re-write a lot. (13:25)

Facing the challenges of writing. (16:10)

How can you apply good writing processes to fiction? How can you help develop yourself into a better writer? (17:25)


Things we mentioned:

The Art of Fiction by John Gardner
On Moral Fiction by John Gardner
Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg
The Story Grid by Shawn Coyne

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