In this weeks episode, Alida and Kathryn are joined by Becca Puglisi to talk about emotional wounds, and writing deeper and more compelling fiction.





We sit down with Becca Puglisi to talk all things Emotional Wounds, and other writing resources. We talk about the resources she has for writers, and how they can be used in a wide range of applications. How can we use them to help show rather than tell, and make your writing richer and more immersive? We talk about writing challenging personal things, how to use character growth to challenge readers and why context is so important. And what is the difference between a villain and protagonist?

Find Becca and all her books and resources at or

What we talked about:

What inspired these thesauri? (1:25)

How do people other than writers use these thesauri? (3:32)

How these books are used to help show rather than tell. (5:36)

Why Becca included self-care for writers at the beginning of the emotional wounds thesaurus. (9:06)

Have we ever written about a topic that becomes personally challenging? (11:10)

Why is context so important? How does it interact with the characters and therefore the readers journey? (14:12)

How are emotional wounds part of the backstory? And how much do you need to know about your character? (20:12)

What about moral code? (25:52)



Things we mentioned:

Ellen Hopkins
Telling by Patricia Weaver Francisco

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