In a companion episode to #023, 3D Villains, we discuss writing villains, with and without POVs. What makes them challenging to write? How to revise them for motivation and believability, and more!




Is writing villains easy? How can you develop a villain without a point of view? Is a villain always seen as evil? How can you get into your villains head? Can we effectively troubleshoot our own villains? And what about writing them with a point of view? So take your villain, give them a good shave and a motivation and get writing!

What we talked about:

Is writing villains easy? (0:38)

How do you write a villain who does not have a point of view? (2:20)

Do we always see the villain as evil from the beginning? (4:17)

How do you get the nuance on the page when your villain doesn’t have a point of view? (5:20)

The importance of motivation! (7:17)

The challenges of getting into your villains head. (11:48)

Villain writing experiences – can we troubleshoot our own villains? (16:08)

So how do you fix the mustache twirling cliche? (18:12)

What about villains with a point of view? (20:32)


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