This week, Alida, Kathryn, & Robert discuss going beyond character development and making your characters distinct from each other, whether they’re POV characters or not.







How do you know if you have created a distinct character? How important is role? And what is a supporting character anyway? How do motivation and subplot work toward giving your characters individuality? And what sort of tools can you use to help create these individuals? In the end Alida wraps it all up together, and even gives some great exercises to help you create distinct characters.

What we talked about:

How do you know if you have failed to create distinct enough characters? (0:50)

How important is role to character distinction? (2:58)

Supporting characters – do they have to be supportive? (5:53)

Going beyond the superficial! (8:43)

How does motivation work toward distinction? (12:55)

Focus on the subplots! (18:16)

What if your characters are family and have the same backstory? (20:37)

What are some tools you can use to help build interesting and diverse characters? (22:10)



Things we mentioned:

Criminal Minds
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 
Lord of the Rings
The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver

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