Don’t make me make this face at you.


In this week’s Word Essential 60 Second Writing Tip, I get deep into one of the big no-nos of story craft. It’s a mistake I see often. Watch this and save yourself from ruining your own story! That’s right, your scheming character is actually ruining your plot for your reader.

Your villain has to scheme and plot his devious plans to destroy your hero, but whatever you do, don’t let that scheming character give it all away.

As a writer, you have a variety of tools to work with and one of the highest value tools you can wield is suspense. Suspense and tension are BFFs. If you give your antagonist a point of view and then let him scheme on the page, you’ve just diminished your story’s suspense and therefore its tension.



I hope you enjoyed this video tip. Please let me know your thoughts on scheming characters in the comments below. And as always, share this post with your friends!

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