Flash Tip: Chapter Structure

  In this week's Word Essential Flash Tip, Alida discusses the structure of chapters and how to ensure you've got rising action in each one. Hint: it looks like a ramp.   Leave a comment below, or join the Story Works Writers Facebook...

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Heart Your Narrator

  Point of View is not all about your character. In fact, it's got more to do with your narrator.   In this week's 60 Second Writing Tip, Alida discusses the importance of the narrator. You can expect more tips about the nitty gritty...

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Working with an Editor

  This week, I sit down with Mat Morris, of Author Strong Podcast, to have a conversation about what an author should prepare before working with an editor--if anything. We have a great, open conversation, and you get to be the proverbial...

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Flash Tip: Group Projects

I've noticed in several manuscripts recently that writers are sometimes afraid to show the reader what the hero and her team are planning to do, especially when our hero is about to go into the climactic battle. When you need the group to...

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Flash Tip: Frypan to Fire

  In today's Flash Tip, I discuss a common pitfall we writer's face and offer an easy trick to avoid it. Aum... Join the conversation at the Story Works Writers Facebook group and share your personal pitfalls and how you avoid them--or get...

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Reader Empathy

  Alida explains why your story will fail if you don't write in such a way that you engage reader's empathy. Watch the Embody Your Character video here. Have thoughts, comments, or questions? Post them below in the comments section or head...

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Flash Tip: !!!!!

In this week’s Flash Tip, Alida addresses gratuitous punctuation and offers an easy solution to overusing exclamation points.

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